Graduate Work:

It is quite interesting to reflect on my experience in graduate school and the growth that I have achieved. Although this is likely true for many, it is especially so for me since I took my first graduate-level course during my student-teaching internship year. Therefore, by the end of the 2012-2013 school year, and before I even began my teaching career, I had already earned some credits towards a master's degree; however, I wanted to gain professional experience prior to continuing my education. After three years of teaching, I decided to pursue my Master of Arts in Education (MAED) degree through Michigan State University. I was accepted into MSU's MAED program and started taking courses in August 2016.  In the end, this degree is the culmination of years of growth and development. I started as a new, student-teacher intern, and I finish as an effective, experienced educator.

Please explore the following sections of my portfolio to gain additional insight into my experience in MSU's MAED program.

Annotated transcript outlining progression through MAED program.

Includes details and descriptions of courses.

Gallery of work completed during MAED program. Provides description of, and link to, each artifact.

3 essays synthesizing my experience in the MAED program. Includes reflection on goals and an evaluation of growth.